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London Fashion Week

Jersey dress from my masters collection worn during London Fashion Week.

Photographer: David M. Benett.

Content Creator: Zainab Jiwa.

Stylist: Hanaa Heetun.

Editorial Shoot

Vest and skirt from my Masters collection featured in an editorial shoot.

Photographer: Marcus Hessenberg.

Stylist: Palesa Dlamini.

Model: Wai Ieng Lei.

Mermaid-esque Shoot

Dress from my Masters collection featured in an editorial shoot is based around aquatic life & scenery with a mermaid-esque aesthetic.

Photographer: m Sarah Sunni Drew.

Stylist: Alicia Rose.

Makeup Artist: Izabela Pagano.

Hair Stylist: George Curran.

Model: George Hodge.

Restitution, Repatriation, Return

Editorial shoot for my practice-based dissertation, as my part of completing my MRes Arts degree, collaborating with a creative team predominantly of North African heritage, to amplify the significance of the North African heritage case and shed light on its importance.

Jewellery Designers: Fei Fei Cheng, Xiangzhi Zhao.

Photographer: Mehaira Abdelhamid.

Assistant: Shada Elmansuri.

Hair Stylist: Nasia Karles.

Makeup Artists: Nina Elizabeth, Leandro Annunziato.

Models: Zeina Rady, Wical Moubaker, Hana Zebzabi Warda Reggane, Malak Elghuel, Karina Mabrouk, Asmae Elouariachi.


Lookbook shoot of my Masters graduate collection.

Photographer: Maria Norris.

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Yuhwa Shin.

Model: Laura Baker.

Wilderness Shoot

Looks from my BA and Masters’ graduate collection, styled in a model’s test shoot.

Photographer: Aniella Weinberger.

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Iga Paterewicz.

Model: Tara Jevric.

Coquette Shoot

Two looks from my small collection and my Masters graduate collection, styled in a shoot.

Photographer: Chylle Digandice.

Photographer Assistant: Diana.

Creative Director: Marrius.

Stylist: Hana Heetun.

Stylist Assistant: Sára Hegyi.

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Millie.

Models: Aleksandra Geisari, Fern Aupatcha, Hana Heetun.

Protecting Fragility 

Look 4 from my BA graduate collection, styled in a jewellery shoot.

Jewellery Designer: Meng Yuanxua.

Photographer: Arpad Kossar.

Stylist: Catherine Baker.

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Nayeon Han.

Model: Catherine Baker.

Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

A small collection created in 2022.

Photographer: Clara Barroso.

Hair Stylists/ Makeup Artists: Tatiana Vispi, Jasmine Meisell.

Models: Diana Baranda, Chlöe Morton, Beth Swinton.

Born in Exile RTW SS23

The ‘Never Love Me Again’ Ready to Wear collection at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, that I worked on as a design intern in 2022.

Beauty Shots

Look 4 from my BA graduate collection, styled in a model’s test shoot.

Photographer: Ian Hippolyte.

Stylist: René Harrison.

Makeup Artist: Troy Clarke.

Hair Stylist: Ross Kwan.

One Upon a Dream

The SS21 graduate collection I’ve created as a BA Fashion Textiles student.

Collaborators: Thanyarat Chansila, Thanyamon Chansila.

Photographer: Sofia Wilkinson-Steel.

Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Nibras.

Models: Jamilya Kuanysheva, Jessie Wang, Allegra Cook.

Jw Anderson RTW SS20

Daisy embroidery that I worked on as a fabric intern, that made it into the Ready To Wear collection during Fashion Week in 2019.

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