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The ‘Once Upon a Dream’ collection follows the journey of fairy princesses as they escape into a dreamland, away from reality. The garments offer delicate movement and a feeling of lightness and fantasy. The collection consists of delicate prints in pastels tones. Digital techniques are a heavy influence, with a rely on digital printing for the textiles, using high-quality fabrics from carefully resourced suppliers. Ruaa first hand drew the artworks then digitally printed them. Each was applied with brush strokes to evoke a feeling of rawness, influenced by the romanticism era, taking inspiration from the nature aspect and showcasing it through the artwork in the prints with the appearance of flowers and leaves as motifs.





Collaborators: Thanyarat Chansila, Thanyamon Chansila. Photographer: Sofia Wilkinson-Steel. Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist: Nibras. Models: Jamilya Kuanysheva, Jessie Wang, Allegra Cook.

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